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Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough
02-23-2013, 01:34 PM
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Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough
1. You'll begin the game in the
midst of a battle with four
horsemen, which you will lose.
Badly. Three of your party
members will awaken in the
castle of Althea. Talk to the
queen to get your first password.
2. Chop up the weak monsters
outside of town to earn gil and
build your stats. Weapon and
magic strength is increased by
repeated usage, HP and MP go
up when you run low on them
during battle. If you want to
cheat a little and build HP fast,
attack your own party members.
3. When you're ready, head
northwest to the castle Phin. Do
NOT talk to any of the knights in
town, unless you want to be
brutally slain. Head for the pub,
give the password to the
bartender, and talk to Scott, in
the hidden room. He is dying,
but gives you a ring before
kicking off.
4. Traipse back to Althea. Show
the ring to the queen, and learn
a new password. Give it to Minh,
the white mage in the throne
room, and he'll join your party.
5. Along with Minh, you'll get a
canoe. Now would be a good
time to do some level-building.
West of Phin you'll find Ogres
and Ogre Mages who relinquish
lots of gil, and knights and
mages that drop spell books
(Berserk has a GREAT resale
value) and items. Take it slow
until you're powerful enough to
handle the larger enemy groups,
then start raking in the cash and
6. Take the canoe across the
lake to the northeast of Althea
to reach Palm. Talk to the pirate
at the town entrance to arrange
for a ferry to Poft. In the Poft
Pub, you can find Cid and his
assistant. Cid won't be helpful at
the moment, but his assistant will
give you airship rides to
Salamand, Bafusk, the Semite
Waterfall, or Kashuon for a fee.
7. From Poft, walk northwest to
Salamand. All the men here
have been taken to the Cave of
Semite Waterfall to mine for
Mithril. Buy new equipment and
spells if you can, and head south
(you'll need to go west first, and
loop back) to the cave.
8. The cave is laid out fairly
simply. At certain points you will
have a choice of doors to go
through; one will lead to the rest
of the cave and one will lead to
a dead-end with an enemy
waiting. Halfway through you'll
find the hapless miners, talk to
Paul the ninja (who you may
have met earlier, in Althea) to
send them home. A little further
in you'll find Mithril, which is
guarded by a strong knight (use
magic to penetrate his armor)
and the Warp spell, guarded by
a turtle creature (Ice spells to
severe damage against this kind
of enemy). Use the Warp spell to
exit the cave, otherwise you'll
have to backtrack all the way
9. With Salamand back to
normal, return to Althea and
give the Mithril to the blacksmith
in the weapon shop. Stock up on
Mithril weapons and armor, then
go back to see the Queen again.
10. Return to Poft via the ferry.
Head east to Bafusk and give the
password to the knight in the
southwest part of town. Enter
the secret passage.
11. Once through the relatively
simple cave, you'll see the Great
Battleship take off and head
west. Re-enter the cave and
head east to warp out.
12. Talk to Cid, in the Poft Pub,
the queen, the king, and Minh
(who leaves your party when you
return to Althea) to get two new
13. Return to Salamand and talk
to Josef. He'll join your party
(but unfortunately doesn't have
any of Minh's cool spells).
14. Return to the Semite
waterfall cave. Near the strange
blue stone is a secret passage
that leads to the Ice Sled.
15. With the Ice Sled, you can
cross the snow field above
Salamand and enter the Ice
16. Make your way through the
cave until you come to a
chamber full of brown moogle-
like creatures. There's a secret
passage on the right wall. Past it
you'll find the Goddess Bell, the
Adamanti turtle (which is easily
defeated with Ice magic), and a
door that loops back to the exit.
When you try to leave the cave,
however, one of the empire's
more foppish lackeys will waylay
you. Kill him, and leave the cave.
Josef will die saving your party
from a booby trap.
17. Walk or take the airship
express to Kashuon, which is
south of Bafusk. Use the
Goddess Bell to open the door,
and talk to Gordon. He'll join
you. Ascend the castle to find
the Eagle Torch, which is
guarded by a fire demon. All
magic heals the creature, so
defeat it with your weapons.
Return to the first floor and use
the torch on the flame burning
in the castle courtyard.
18. Return to Althea. You should
see the Great Battleship fly
overhead in pursuit of Cid. It
seems the queen has been
kidnapped and held in the
Battleship, which is parked far,
far north of Phin.
19. This would be a good time to
level up some. Trek far north of
Phin to find the Battleship, which
is a large, sprawling complex full
of nasty creatures. Having more
than one character who can cast
Heal will be useful. Give the
knight who guards the entrance
the Pass you got in Bafusk, but
don't talk to any of the others.
The staircase in the middle of the
first floor leads to a powerful
sword (Sleep Sword?) guarded
by a blue knight. Walk through
the wall to reach it. The north
door leads to the cell Cid and
the queen are in, go ahead and
free them, then backtrack to the
winding south path. There's four
treasure chests on the third
floor, the third one has a shield
that's guarded by a VERY
powerful giant (not worth the
trouble to kill him, far as I'm
concerned), the rest have good
weapons. Head to the next floor
and find a path around all the
knights to get to the door. Walk
north to the engine, and set the
bomb (which you should have in
your inventory). Bye bye,
20. Head back to Althea and talk
to Minh, the king, and Gordon
to learn two new keywords. Go
to Palm and talk to the female
pirate, she'll join your party after
you beat up her friends (an easy
task). She has a ship you can
use, sail it south to reach the city
of Dist, east of Bafusk.
21. Talk to the two residents of
Dist and their pet dragon, then
loot the castle for all it's worth.
22. Head north of Dist to the
cave. Take the stairs due east,
then search the skeletal remains
to get the Medallion. Leave the
cave and return to Dist. You can
get some powerful armor in the
cave if you take time to search.
23. Back in Dist, show your prize
to the dragon to get the Dragon
24. Go back to the cave, and
take the southeast stairs to
(eventually) reach the
underground lake. Kill the
Chimera that guards it and use
the Dragon Egg in the water.
25. Return to Althea and visit the
queen in the bedroom. Just
when things start to get
interesting, she turns into
Medusa. Smack that ***** up
and Gordon will rejoin your
26. South of Kashuon, past a
treacherous desert, you'll find
the battle arena where the real
queen is held prisoner. Enter
and approach the emperor to
encounter the first actual boss in
the game, Behemoth. He's not
especially tough. After the battle,
you'll be dropped through a
trapdoor to the dungeons
underneath. After Paul the ninja
frees you, go up one floor via
the northeast room (there's an
elixir to be found in this area,
don't miss it), then free the
queen from her cell and Gordon
will leave with her. Exit the
27. Return to Althea for a quick
pit stop. Hey, where'd everybody
28. They went to an
encampment outside Phin, that's
where. Go there and talk to
Gordon and the queen.
29. Take a short hike to the
castle of Phin. You'll bump into
Layla, the pirate, pretty quickly,
and she'll rejoin your party.
Head up to the throne room.
You can ignore all the treasure
chests for now. Dethrone the
King of Phin (he fights like
Behemoth, and shouldn't be
anything to worry about) and
you'll have reclaimed Phin for
the resistance! This means all the
monsters are gone, so go back
and get all the treasures in the
castle after talking to Gordon
and the queen. You should learn
four new keywords.
30. More good news! The city of
Phin is no longer guarded by
those green knights. Check out
the shops for some nice new
equipment. You'll need it,
because your next stop is the
catacombs of Phin. Search the
northeast corner of the Phin
throne room and use the last
keyword you got from talking to
the queen. Walk through the
wall and head down to the
depths of Phin. This is a VERY
long dungeon, but luckily the
enemies aren't too bad. Some of
them can sap your MP, though,
so you might want to keep an
Ether or two packed. There's a
few valuable items to be found
here, so keep an eye out for
treasure chests. At the bottom
you'll find the White Mask, yours
for the taking. North of it is a
warp that takes you outside the
31. It stands to reason that if you
have a White Mask, there must
be a Black Mask somewhere,
assuming you follow standard
RPG logic. In the middle of the
sea south of Althea you'll find a
tiny island with a cave, your next
32. The middle levels of the
island cave are a bit mazelike,
but the weak enemies won't get
in the way of your exploring. If
you find the hidden forest where
the Shyguy-like denizens of the
cave live, look for one who sells
items. Elsewhere in the cave, be
sure to pick up a copy or two of
the Aero spell. The Black Mask is
guarded by a Triceratops. Kill it,
take the mask, the warp out as
you did in Phin.
33. Now to Mysidia, which took
me an embarrassingly long time
to find. It's nestled in by a
mountain ridge near a lake, all
of which is southwest of Althea,
or east of the battle arena,
depending on how you look at
it. Before you get down to
business here, buy Holy and any
other magics you need at the
huge magic shop, and check out
the weapon store. Once you've
finished your shopping spree, go
down the stairs in the south end
of town and use the White Mask
on the statue.
34. East of Mysidia, inside a
circular formation of mountains,
is the Cave of Mysidia. Use the
Black Mask on the clone on the
first floor and it will leave so you
can enter the rest of the
dungeon. It's laid out similarly to
the catacombs of Phin, so
proceed with caution. Some
powerful magics are scattered
through the dungeon, and you'll
need to keep an eye out for
secret passages. Behind a door
at a dead-end, you'll find the
Crystal Rod.
35. Now that you have the
coveted rod, you can enter the
Tower of Mysidia, right? Well, sail
to the crescent bay where the
Tower is located and your ship
will capsize.
36. You'll wake up inside
Leviathan, with Layla nowhere to
be seen. Fortunately, this beast's
digestive system makes for a
shorter and more linear
dungeon than what you've been
trekking through recently, and
there's lots of good treasure to
get. Halfway through, you'll
encounter a makeshift village
made by previous victims of
Leviathan. Show the Crystal Rod
to the Dragoon blocking your
passage, and he'll join you. After
that it's a short walk to reclaim
your ship, but you'll have to
defeat the Green Worm to get it.
This thing can hit for about 700
points of damage, but it's slow,
and doesn't have much HP, so if
you hit hard and cure when
needed it shouldn't be much of
a problem.
37. Now that you've escaped,
you can sail through Leviathan's
channel anytime you like, so go
back to Mysidia to stock up on
items or level up if you need to.
When you're ready, enter the
tower. The floors aren't big, but
they're convoluted, and there's a
lot of good weapons and armor
to be found. On the third floor
you'll face the Flame Giant, who
of course is very weak against Ice
magic and shouldn't pose much
of a threat. Conversely, on the
fifth floor, you have to fight the
Frost Giant, and I'm sure you can
figure out what his weakness is.
On the seventh floor, the
considerably nastier Storm Giant
is your enemy. He hits a lot
harder than his brothers, and his
weakness is to Aero magic (you
DID get a few Aero spell books
in the Black Mask cave, didn't
you?). Make sure you pick up
Flare on the next floor. On floor
nine you can get some good
armor, but it's guarded by a
VERY strong Frost Dragon. Pass
on the armor if you aren't up for
the fight. Minh and Ultima await
you on the tenth floor.
38. After the Ultima orbs warp
you out of the tower, you'll find
that the world has changed. The
overworld enemies are a lot
stronger, and both Althea and
Gate have been destroyed by a
strange tornado hovering outside
Phin. Trouble's abrewin'.
39. Head up to the enigmatic
mirror in the castle of Phin and
use the Medallion. Remember
the dragon's egg? It hatches!
40. Walk up to the tornado
outside Phin and the dragon will
fly you inside. The twisting path
of the tornado is short, but
convuluted, and while there's
lots of good weapons and armor
to be found, there's also nasty
enemies like medusae and
cockatrices and even Juiblex. The
Green Dragon near the top
guards a useful attack item.
When you finally face the (rather
fey) Emperor of Baramekia,
you'll have to hack through two
phalanxes of horsemen before
you can finally battle the
Emperor and his guards (more
horsemen and a Golem). It
shouldn't be a difficult fight.
41. The Baramekia-is-dead
celebration at Phin is broken up
with the news that your long-lost
friend Lionheart (remember the
fourth character in the opening
battle?) has claimed the throne
of the Emperor. Your only
recourse is to travel to his
fortress and beat some sense
into him, but how can you get
there? Go to Paul's house in Phin
(doesn't it suck that Paul never
joins your party? I wanted a
ninja, dangit) and you'll find Cid,
who bequeaths his airship to
you, then dies. Woohoo,
problem solved!
42. Go back to Poft and take the
43. You can explore the world to
your heart's content now, but
your destination is the Castle of
Baramekia, which you've already
seen: it's the citadel overlooking
the battle arena. Position the
shadow of your airship over the
tower and land it to enter. This is
another long, sprawling complex,
with powerful equipment to
reward your efforts, but the
enemies are even more
unforgiving here. Grab what you
can, and head to the throne
room where Lionheart is. He
doesn't fight you, luckily, but the
slain Emperor returns from
beyond the pale to reclaim his
throne. Richard sacrifices his life
so you can escape, with
Lionheart, from the Emperor.
44. Back in Phin (don't worry,
your airship is parked right
outside), a remorseful Lionheart
joins your party. Finally, you
have a permanent fourth ally.
Gird his loins with magic and
equipment, then head out of
45. Fly back to Dist and talk to
Richard's widow. Give her the
keyword "Dragoon" and you'll
get the very powerful Excalibur
46. There's only one thing left to
do. Find the Emperor and lay
waste to the sorry undead
bastard. You can't enter Castle
Baramekia via the airship
anymore, but there's a back
door. On the penninsula far east
of Mysidia, a strange portal has
opened up. Go inside to make
your way to Baramekia.
47. The enemies inside the Jade
Portal are bigger, tougher, and
meaner than anything you've
faced so far. Stock up on as
many healing and recovery items
as you can afford before you
make your approach. Note that
you can use Warp magic to exit
the portal, so don't feel as
though you need to tackle the
entire realm in one journey.
There's a fair amount of items to
find, but there's lots of dead
ends and traps as well, so be
careful. On the second floor, the
Storm Dragon guards an
extremely powerful dagger. Use
Aero magic against it.
48. Jade is divided into different
zones. After you beat (or avoid)
the Storm Dragon, the door to
the northeast leads you to the
Waterfall. Walk under the falls
to get to the left side. The
treasure chest in the cul-de-sac
contains the Rune Axe, but it's
guarded by Megabehemoth.
Pound him with your best attacks
and you'll walk away with a
great weapon.
49. In the northeast corner of
the next zone, the Red Dragon
guards a powerful bow. Take
him down with Ice magic if you
want. There's also a powerful
spear in a small chamber in the
northwest corner of the room.
The exit is to the southeast.
50. In the next zone, you'll find a
small dead-end room that warps
you to the castle Pandemonium.
Make your way through the
relatively brief expanse of castle
til you reach a chamber lined
with doors.
51. The rightmost door leads you
to some good armor, which is
guarded by Beelzebub. He's not
terribly powerful, so if you're in
reasonably good health you
should be able to take him out.
Keep an eye out for secret
passages in this area.
52. The second door from the
left leads to a helmet protected
by Tiamat. If you've made it this
far, you should be able to
survive her mass elemental
attacks and destroy her.
53. The leftmost door will take
you to a gauntlet guarded by the
exceedingly weak Blue Mage. Put
a sword through his head and
take the prize. Make your way to
the upper-right corner of this
area and walk through the wall
to the right of the single pillar. In
the unguarded chest is the
ultimate weapon, the
Masamune. Take it.
54. The third door from the left
leads to another helmet. The
Dark Angel that defends it is
NOT going to die easy. Keep
your health up, since it can hit
for 2000+ damage, and pray it
uses magic instead of physical
attacks or death spells. Past the
treasure is the warp to the next
part of the castle.
55. The next part is easy, just
walk clockwise to reach the
56. This is another small area.
Head northeast to the warp.
57. Getting close, now...walk past
the statues and to the warp in
the southwest corner.
58. This is it. Walk north a short
way to meet with Emperor
Baramekia for the last time. He
can cast Meteo, hits for about
2500 damage, and has extremely
strong defenses. Give everybody
Elixirs for healing, arm yourself
to the teeth with your best
weapons and spells, and kill him.
Good luck!

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