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Dedomil Forum 2023 on old Phone
04-07-2023, 01:54 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2023 02:29 PM by Fredyrr.)
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RE: Dedomil Forum 2023 on old Phone
(04-07-2023 10:08 AM)Tanvir Rahman Wrote:  Oh :-D
Yeah, that's It.

It turned out It's some scammer not the actual Gracie.

It was probably a girl but not Gracie

That's why I started to look for the contact with real Gracie, thought the real Is as nice and good person like that girl pretending her but I was mistaken.
She was nice to me when I wasn't talking about love (even liked me) „Don't tell your mom but I think you're my god....”
After the short time of our acquaintance she stopped to respond to my messages without a word of explanation so I was desperately trying to find out what's going on here but to my surprise there was no way to get any Information out of her. Some time later I tried to fight about her In comment section under her tiktoks, no results It only resulted In that she blocked me. I didn't want to give up so kept trying and trying, as you can guess no reaction from her side as well. Okay another tries - Instagram direct It didn't work she blocked me there too. Finally after many desperate tires to get along with her I decided to type her on her private Facebook account then I reccived message with content „***** offff” and got blocked on possibly all her social media she got. After reading the answer message I was shattered, completely paralyzed Inside, I felt like someone woke me up from the long time dream. This situation changed me, they way I see her and forced me to unfollw all the accounts she has ever created and forget her permanently.

She have never been my gf. It was only me chasing after her like some werido trying to make her my gf by force.

[Image: fhGdTJdPESJ24Bvi9]
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