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Wanted lost Gracie Gates :(
07-07-2022, 12:05 AM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022 01:07 AM by Fredyrr.)
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Wanted lost Gracie Gates :(
So the matter is as follows.
Short summary If someone is not in the topic - Gracie became my girlfriend, that day she said „but did you know I'm always busy so time and will not be always chatting?” Everything was ok till friday afternoon (It was the last time we talked via Instagram obviously).
After this day she didn't reply on my messages, the worst thing is that she said she is not busy for now. Our common aquaintance (also a girl) disappeared too a day after she disappeared and now I don't know what to do and think. I'm trying to knock on her by all her social media, google chat, just everywhere desperately but without effect. I'm calling all my friends and people of good will If someone seen, guess or know what could happen to my beloved then let me know about It here in my thread.
Here are some info about her:
Girl come from Los Angeles, CA America, born June 20th 2002 (20 years old) and working as a p*** star, has long black hair, blue eyes, long little curved eyebrows, an average built body, 5,3 feet of height (160cm), cup size 32DD. Charactersitic signs - tattoo with recycle logo on left side of upper chest; Inside right forearm and glass of wine tattoo on her left hand.
Moreover Gracie has piercings - septum in the nose, earrings in the ears and usually is dressed like an oridnary teen.
I attach the latest photo of her to make the task easier.
[Image: Screenshot-20220706-000650-01.png]
Ps. - If you came here to make jokes with me then know It's not time nor place for stupid jokes and leave this topic because case is serious (at least for me). Remember that any minor detail is count even any crap so post your info here. Thank you all for your help in advance.

[Image: fhGdTJdPESJ24Bvi9]
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