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Emulators for Java phones: The definitive guide
06-12-2018, 07:38 PM
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Emulators for Java phones: The definitive guide
Here's a list of every console / computer emulator avaiable for J2ME phones and a how to use them. Usage guides are intended for begginer users, if you don't understand something please tell me so I can improve them.

I'ts still under construction, more emulators will be added. Please tell me what do you think of it. Come back later for more!

Note: you can find public domain game ROMs here: https://pdroms.de/files. All games on that page are made by the community and are 100% legal to download.

Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Color

License: Free / Open source (GPL)
Download (version 1.6):http://arktos.se/meboy/version160.php
Description: Fastest and less resource heavy J2ME Gameboy emulator. Many configuration options and bluetooth gamesave sharing support. No touchscreen support and no filesystem access.
Notes: Latest version requeires MIDP 2.0. Older version 1.6 can be used for MIDP 1.0 phones. There's an easy to use PC Java application for building .jar with roms (MeBoy Builder).
1. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar to your computer and run it (You need Java installed)
2. Click "Add game" and select the ROM. Do this for every rom you want.
- Please note some phones have a limit on the size of java applications. Many ROMs can make the file too big.
3. Click "Create MeBoy.jar". Save it and send/copy it to your phone
- Tweaking the emulator options can speed up things. Here's the emulator's manual: http://arktos.se/meboy/guide.php

Java GB (Also JMEboy)
License: Free / Open source (GPLv2)
Description: Touchscreen support and filesystem support, you can load roms from your phone's memory card without having to pack them into the jar (if your phone supports it, otherwise you will have to pack them into the jar). MIDP 2.0
1. Download JMEboy (there are two versions, one with demo homebrew games and other empty one, both will work)
-> If your phone supports filesystem API (try this first if in dobut):
1. Send the game ROMs to your phone's memory.
2. Send/copy JMEboy jar to your phone and run it.
3. Select "Search programs" menu option. (If it doesn't appears, your phone does not support it, use the other method)
4. Find the folder where the ROMs are with the "List" option and Select it. ROMs must not be compressed or inside an archive (like an .zip file), but .gb/.gbc files.
5. Games should be added to the "Play a game" menu
-> If your phone does not supports filesystem API:
1. Extract JMEboy's .jar file to a folder. (you may have to rename it to .zip to do so)
2. Create a programs directory inside it. (alongside folders "de","docs","META-INF" and "res"; This may vary slightly)
3. Copy the desired ROMs to the "programs" directory. ROMs must not be compressed or inside an archive (like an .zip file), but .gb/.gbc files.
4. Create an programs.txt text file and write the filename of every rom on a line. For example, if we have "Dedomil.gb", "Nokia.gbc" and "uCity.gb" on the programs folder, the text file should look like this:
5. Pack it all again in a .zip file. Select each of the "de","docs","META-INF","programs" and "res" folders and add them to a .zip file.
6. Change the extension to .jar and send/copy it to your phone

License: Free / Open source (GPLv2)
Description: Gameboy only (no color) emulator. Based on Mario emulator. Most accurate than the above others. Nice speed. MIDP 2.0

Other / older emulators
J2MEboy (Open source) (https://sourceforge.net/projects/j2meboy): Based on Mjavaboy.
Mjavaboy (Freeware) (http://mjavaboy.latinowebs.com/)
Mario (Open source / GPLv2) (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mario/)
MeBoy-F (Open source / GPL) (http://kfyatek-dev.jogger.pl/2010/03/06/meboy-f-2-2/ (Archived)): MeBoy with filesystem support.
MeBoy-Asha (Open source / GPL) (https://github.com/Summeli/MeBoy-Asha): MeBoy for touchscreen phones.

Nintendo Entertainment System

License: Freeware
Homepage (No downloads avaiable): http://rsm.org.ua/ (archived) (also used to be rsm.pud.ru)
Description: Many configuration options avaiable.
Note: MIDP 2.0. Version 2 and above requires J2ME's 3D API, if Nescube does not work in your phone try a version below it.
Alternate unofficial downloads:
Version 3.2: http://phoneky.com/games/?s=download&id=j4j67064
Version 2.3: https://www.aep-emu.de/Emus-file-emus_de...-1351.html
Version 2.2: https://gbatemp.net/download/nescube.32318/
Version 1.2: http://boostapps.com/games/emulators/nes...io-bros-3/

License: Commercial (Abandoned)
Homepage: http://www.vampent.com:80/vnes.htm (archived)
Homepage (Older version):http://www.vampent.com/ (archived)
Download: http://www.vampent.com:80/files/vNesJ2ME.zip (archived)
Download (old version): http://vampent.com:80/emu/vnes.jar (archived)
Description: Used to be commercial and now it's abandoned. Latest version requires activation to play more than 30 seconds. There's an older version which haves no limit, but it's not very usable.
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06-15-2018, 06:49 AM
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RE: Emulators for Java phones: The definitive guide
Wow ! Great !!
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07-11-2018, 06:32 PM
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RE: Emulators for Java phones: The definitive guide
This list is fine \(*+*)/....
But most of them will lagging if users' don't have a high jvm, high screen res phone.

404, Page Not Found!
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