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Android Star Nomad :Sandbox Space sim
06-03-2014, 11:29 AM (This post was last modified: 06-03-2014 11:35 AM by karnov.)
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Star Nomad :Sandbox Space sim
In this space sandbox, you are a once-wealthy trader,
out of luck and in debt due to a calculated risk (and
nasty pirates!) that went wrong… Your debtors offered
a great deal, they give you an obsolete tin-can trade
ship, the Nomad. In return, you are to work your way
up again and eventually repay all that you owe. From
here on in, it’s all up to you:
Simple, minimalist UI, touch on space to fly to
location, touch on modules to activate.
Start trading in the “safe” quadrant of the
Wildlands sector.
Take on random missions, select from: Patrols
(scout nav points), Bounty (destroy target/s),
Defend (vs waves of enemies), Escort (wishing
those haulers moved faster!) and Cargo Runs
(cashed up pilgrims, witness protection, data
crystals, illicit stuff!).
Select a variety of ships to suite your needs. Hit
and run? Fly the light-fighter Stiletto. A trader at
heart? The Galaxy-class corvette has a big cargo
bay. Work your way up and fly the devastating
Hyperion C-Beam Frigate or fearsome Nadesico
Drone Frigate.
All ships are upgrade-able with modules.
You control your guided missiles: Slip between
targets to hit a weakened one or bunch enemies
together for a powerful AoE Torpedo.
Dynamic trade prices, station type and location
specific prices. Trade in exotic dancers,
contraband, flesh dolls or even beer!
Be the bad guy, yarr your way to fame and
fortune by plundering trade ships. Burn those
militia fools!
Pick your faction in the main storyline and reach
a different ending.
Planned inclusion of online PvP, free-for-all or
team vs team
More info and plenty of screenshots for media use on
my dev blog: http://halfgeekstudios.wordpress.com/
Aiming for a June/July release on Android first, followed
by a revamp PC/MAC version with better graphics and
WebGL effects, then eventually on iOS.

release date ;???????            
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06-05-2014, 10:47 AM
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Thumbs Up RE: Star Nomad :Sandbox Space sim
Hello there! The storyline sounds really good, but what about the graphics and gameplayWhaaat?? From what can be seen within the posted screen shots, it’s another space shooting game and if this is all that it’s about, it might sadly be doomed to a boring failureSad. A trailer or gameplay video would have really helped hereI don't know! All the best!
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