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Tutorial for Translating Java Games
01-16-2023, 01:40 PM
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RE: Tutorial for Translating Java Games
(12-15-2013 10:41 PM)Vampire GraN Wrote:  This is the process i use for translating java games. So here i share with you.
* Requirements:
- Symbian phone
- MobileHEX v1.50 Link
- Python v1.45 & MegaPyModule Pack v2.01 Link
- Minicommander.jar or any cool manager
[Image: zoj2.jpg]
Step 1: Let's translate the RU version of Castlevania Vampire castle to ENG. It is important you open the game first and look for the words to translate. Let's translate the word "настройки" to english.
- Step 2: Rename the jar game to zip and open Minicommander. Locate the zip file, open it and extract all .class to an empty folder.
- Step 3: Open MobileHEX and open any .class file then Press 5. Until you see the red words like on screenshot above. Those are the words that needs translating.
[Image: tjzl.jpg]
Step 4:You see "настройки" copy it, minimize MobileHEX and go to Google Translate or any other translating site paste the word and translate it to english. It actually means Settings.
[Image: 6he1.jpg]
Step 5: So go back to MobileHEX and change настройки to Settings. Don't worry about the number of characters to be used, MobileHEX will show you the maximum number of characters you can use for the word.
[Image: bgbz.jpg]
Step 6: Exit MobileHEX, it will autosave your .class file. Open Minicommander again, open the zip game and replace your newly edited .class file with old one. Rename zip back to jar and install game. Now you see the word has changed to english.
- You can also do the same with China games and keep translating all red words. Some words should be left alone as they are strings. Translating them will cause game error so careful which words you translate.
- Notice that in some games the dialogue in the game is not located in the class file. You can find it in other files and use simple text editor to translate. If it's too difficult leave the game and try another.
- You can also edit png images by using an image editor yourself.
- MobileHEX is unsigned version so you need to hack your phone first. It is a Python-based app so you need to install Python v1.45 and MegaPyModule Pack v2.01 to run it.

Hi, nowadays there is symbian emulator on android, is it possible to use mobilehex on symbian emulator android?
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