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Smilies Listing
Name Abbreviation
Smoking & ease :smoking:
Are you idiot? :idiot1:
I'm idiot :im_idiot:
Fuck you! :fyou:
Smoking :peace:
Whaaat? :huh:
Sad :(
Bomb :bomb:
Nigga :nigga:
I don't think so :ee:
Legolas :legolas:
? :?:
Happy :happy:
Crazy girl :crazyg:
No :no:
Hot food :hot:
Attaaack! :attack:
What do you mean? :what:
Hell :satan:
Read rules! :rr:
Girlfriend :boykiss:
Nice. Good work. :gwork:
Heart :heart:
Don't fuck with me! :fight:
Crying girl :cgirl:
..... :shell:
You are really stupid :rstupid:
Music :music:
Girl kiss :kiss:
Dead :dead:
Bashful :bashful:
Crazy Russian :crazyrus:
I'm sick :sick:
Stop spaming idiot! :stopspam:
I love parties :party:
Best friend :friends:
omg :omg:
hihi :hihi:
I don't know :mybad:
Boss :boss:
Angel :angel:
Dead :dead1:
Kent Clark :reading:
.... :angry:
Happy dance :cleopatra:
so sad :sad:
Nooooooo :nooo:
I love you :pc:
Ease :cool:
Hip Hop :hiphop:
! :exclamation:
Rose :ax:
Kiss :as:
Drink :az:
:-P :P
;-) ;)
Au :bs2:
:-D :D
Couple :bt9:
Coffe time :cb6:
Popcorn :ca9:
Hahahaha :bj:
I'm so sad :bh:
HELP! :bc:
Idiot :cb3:
:-) :)
Buahahaha :ca6:
Angry girl :bs4:
Battlefield :bt:
Sex :bs:
Attaack! :bt3:
Cool :ay:
Bravo :bi:
Stop please! :av:
@&#&@! :@
Sad girl :bs5:
Dance :bo:
Secret :al:
ZZZzzzz :bs8:
Crazy girl :bs3:
I don't know :idk:
What ?!? :what:
LOL :lol:
Locked :lock:
WOW :wow:
ROFL :rofl:
LOL :lol2:
Idiot :idiot:
Gamer :java:
NO! :-/
What do you mean? :hm:
Bored :bored:
WTF ? :wtf:
Flame War ! :flame:
Pic or STFU! :pic:
Rimshot :music1: