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Chhota Bheem Race by Nazara Games - Harsha - 11-30-2015 02:11 PM

[Image: 6641809.png]
[Image: 6625425.png]

Race against all your favourite characters from the world of Bheem. Use awesome weapons that you can collect on the way to victory and use them against your opponents. Jump over obstacles to overtake your favorite Bheem characters. Shoot Diwali Rockets, Throw Slow down ladooos, send out the Vetal Ghost to teleport players behind, use the magic hourglass to slow down time for your opponents. Drop deadly punch boxes in your wake to slow down your competitors. Equip your characters with awesome weapons like the Belan, the Danda, the cricket bat, the Mace, the Trishul and the Gadda.

Type: Android, iPhone
RLS Date: OUT!