The Roots: Gates of Chaos
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. Added: 14.06.2004
. Downloads: 6345
. Vendor: Cenega Publishing
. Description: The land of Lorath is under attack! Courageous warriors are needed to defeat the army of a fallen god invading the world. This demanding quest will require every bit of their heroic power and knowledge. Are you up to the challenge? Skillful and terrifying enemies are waiting... The Roots: Gates of Chaos is a fantasy action role-playing game with extensive multiplayer features. Choose your character and become the hero of an epic quest. Explore the diverse 3D world to develope your abilities and defeat the challenging enemies. Your friends can join you in multiplayer mode to either help you reach your goal or beat you to it! The story line of the game takes place a thousand years before the story told in the original The Roots game.

- Fast paced gameplay and dynamic combat that combines a real time arcade approach with interesting characters and a bit of tactics
- Cooperative and competitive multiplayer gaming for up to four players with Bluetooth wireless technology
- A selection of interesting characters with unique abilities
- Unlimited character development
- Over 20 enormous areas and 30 underground locations to explore
- Special stages for competitive multiplayer gaming

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Nokia N-Gage (176x208)
. download 27.7MB
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