Colin McRae Rally 2005
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. Added: 19.07.2005
. Downloads: 16492
. Vendor: Codemasters Limited
. Description: A true legend joins the expanding roster of car games on the N-Gage, as Colin McRae Rally 2005 by Codemasters makes its debut on the world’s freshest mobile gaming device. It is the ultimate rally game and one of the most popular motor sport franchises ever created. In Colin McRae Rally 2005 you grab a seat behind the steering wheel of the rally car of your choice. Explore racing locations around the world: race on the roads of 64 stages in eight different countries and work your way towards the championship. Tune up your car to match the conditions and beat the clock! The realistic simulations of road types, weather conditions, and physics of car handling create an authentic rally experience. The locations and the cars are real as well, your job is to provide the real driving! Multiplaying is the thing that really makes this game roar. Compete against the world’s fastest rally gamers with Shadow Racing on the N-Gage Arena! You can also challenge your friend to a speedy duel over the wireless Bluetooth connection.

- The legendary rally franchise by Codemasters now on N-Gage!
- Realistic physics, authentic car handling, variable road types and changing weather conditions
- 16 cars, including Peugeot, Subaru, Toyota and Audi
- Performance tuning for tires, gears, power ratio, brake balance, brake power and steering sensitivity
- Real rally locations and 64 stages in eight countries
- Advanced damage modeling

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. Nokia N-Gage (176x208)
. download 29.3MB
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