Lava Lava
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. Added: 08.06.2019
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. Vendor: FuguMobile
. Description: Mount Fuji, Japan:
Fuji san, the most revered mountain in Japan? Has roared to life. Destroy the lava bombs before they lay waste to the entire city.

Mount Merapi, Indonesia:
According to Javanese mythology, the volcano is the kingdom of spirits who if angered rain hell on the villages. Placate the spirits and save the village.

Mount Kilamanjaro, Tanzania:
The icecap atop the volcano has melted and the animals are running to escape the heat? Destroy the lava bombs before they cause more damage.

Mount McKinley, USA:
Global warming or global warning? The spate of volcanic eruptions is a cause of concern, but first, save the city.

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. LG KE970 (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 159.6kB
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