Horse Shoes
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. Added: 02.03.2019
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. Description: Horse Shoes offers two game modes: arcade and broker. If you choose the arcade mode, you can control every horse, leaving the computer in charge of managing the ones without "human" jockey. In order to make the horse run, you have to press the key slightly; a red bar shows the degree of the horse's effort, while the green bar on the bottom, indicates its speed. You need some experience to learn how to ride your horse. However the mechanism is not complicated: all you need to know is how much you can insist and when you have to leave the key. There are three available races: sprint (500 meters), endurance (1000 and 5000 meters). Every race needs a different strategy because a horse can be good at the short races, but not at the long ones. The competition lasts until you come first. Otherwise, the game comes back to the start. Broker mode doesn't require your participation in the races. You begin with a 2.000 credits capital. First, choose the horse you think will be the winner, among the 4 possibilities. Then, the quotation with the note X: 1 will be indicated next to every name. Pressing the number on which you want to bet, the stakes are displayed, showing 4 possibilities, from a minimum to a maximum. Note: remember to leave part of your capital in hand. After pressing one of these keys, the race begins: everything is automatic, you have to look and hope for the best. At the end, the results are given and your capital is displayed. It will be increased or reduced according to the bet's result.

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. Nokia 3152 (128x160)
. JAD | JAR 44.7kB
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