DragonSlayer Junior X-mas
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. Added: 12.02.2019
. Downloads: 20567
. Vendor: Kiloo ApS
. Description: The DragonSlayer Jr. Xmas mobile game is based on the comical adventures of Dragonslayer Jr. with inspiration coming from the animated mobile movie clips carrying the same name. The player will in this festive game navigate Dragonslayer Jr. horizontally behind the parapets of the castle where he resides while trying to blast the Dragon to pieces with his devastating fully automatic egg cannon. The Dragon will try to avoid the rain of egg and in defense spew fire in the direction of Dragonslayer Jr. During the game power-ups and other goodies can be collected by launching eggs at the various creatures walking in the bottom of the screen. Points will be awarded for accuracy and speed.

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Nokia 3220 (128x128)
. JAD | JAR 80.9kB
. Nokia 3200 (128x128)
. JAD | JAR 64.3kB
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