2 in 1 Modern Bowling Club & Darts Classic
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. Added: 20.03.2018
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. Vendor: Qplaze
. Description: Modern Bowling Club

Enjoy playing your precious bowling, participate in bowling tourneys in five different clubs, and hone your skills with your friend using one mobile phone! To release the ball you have to choose the proper position, power and direction.

- Two players can play the game using one phone;
- Play against computer;
- Tourney and training modes;
- Three difficulty levels;
- Five different bowling clubs;
- Complex ball release system.

Darts Classic

This game is centuries old, professionals participate in tournaments and amateurs love to play darts in pubs.You love throwing darts and you think your skill is the real deal? “Darts Classic”, now for your mobile phone! You can train your accuracy or play with your friend. “Darts Classic” gives you a perfect opportunity to check out how accurate you are.

- Precise calculation of your throws, and automatic score count;
- Four parameters of your throws (depend on the difficulty level);
- Several players can compete against each other using one mobile phone;
- Three difficulty levels;
- Three kinds of game (501, Bull, 100 Darts) and training mode;

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Nokia 6230i (208x208)
. JAD | JAR 242.3kB
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