Bring'em Back
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. Added: 22.02.2018
. Downloads: 3458
. Vendor: Tracebit Ltd
. Description: Friendly soldiers have become trapped behind enemy lines. Man your helicopter and cross into enemy territory on a mission to rescue the troops. Watch out for enemy helicopters, tanks, turrets and infantry - evade their fire and fight back. The objective of the game is to rescue soldiers from behind enemy lines with your helicopter. Soldiers are gathered by lowering a rope ladder to the ground. The helicopter is also armed to fight airborne and ground targets. You start ouy from a friendly airbase. Find the friendly soldiers while battling any enemies you encounter. After locating the soldiers, be sure to destroy nearby enemies to secure the area for safe operation.

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Motorola T720 (120x160)
. JAD | JAR 65.4kB
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