End of the World
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. Added: 28.12.2017
. Downloads: 63275
. Vendor: NET Lizard
. Description: The end of the world is the annihilation of all life on Earth, and possibly the whole of our Universe. There are many theories that foreshadow the death of mankind. Nuclear war, global cooling, the fall of an asteroid, a flash on the Sun, a clash of planets. In antiquity, the threat to the termination of human existence was foretold by Newton and Nostradamus. Do you believe in the day of judgment?

Note #1: RU versions only!
Note #2: Install over JAD if don't want demo version!

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. SonyEricsson WT13i [RU] (240x400)
. JAD | JAR 478.0kB
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