Alien's Mars Fight
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. Added: 25.04.2017
. Downloads: 29271
. Vendor: Game Neeti Technology Pvt. Ltd.
. Description: Play as a marvelous Aliens in this exciting new adventurous action game Aliens Mars Fight. An army of bad Alien’s of the Mars are about to attack on earth, but before their attack few good alien comes in action to stop them and the war begins between good aliens and bad aliens to save the Earth and maintain the balance of universe as every creature has rights to survive in the world. Now it’s your duty to help the marvelous aliens to stop the attack of awful aliens. Imagine yourself in Mars, the red planet, and you have a mission to accomplish for humanity! Defeat invaders and terrifying Aliens to save the earth. The mission is on with 10 highly challenging levels, you just cross the one level and you will get the other level unlocked. Download now to quickly relieve your stress or boredom.

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. Samsung A897 Mythic (360x640)
. JAD | JAR 440.8kB
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