Go! Fish Go!
[second screenshot]
. Added: 21.03.2017
. Downloads: 16816
. Vendor: Baltoro Games
. Description: Even fish lose their patience and try to escape from the aquarium. A team of five amazing fish embark on a daring adventure to escape from their young oppressors. Help them to trick and lose the pursuers. Every second counts. Speed, reflexes and wit are what count. Avoid getting caught in a net and escape your way to freedom! Don't hesitate - start the game and save the five cute fish from being put back into the aquarium. They're counting on you!

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Nokia Asha 305 / 308 (240x400)
. JAD | JAR 318.1kB
. Samsung GT-S5230 / S5620 (240x400)
. JAD | JAR 318.1kB
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