Lifeline: Whiteout
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. Added: 10.01.2017
. Downloads: 155
. Vendor: 3 Minute Games
. Description: Alone in a frozen wasteland with no memory of how he got there, a lost adventurer’s only hope is his last line of communication - to YOU! Guide him to safety and help him find his identity in this gripping story of survival. Your choices shape the story as you play! Decisions can have a profound effect. Finish the game and then play again to discover a whole new story when you make different choices. 3 Minute Games has partnered with Eipix Entertainment for the next installment of the critically-acclaimed Lifeline series. Lifeline: Whiteout introduces a brand new character, V. Adams! Play on the go with real-time notifications sent to your device or check in with V. Adams throughout your day - waiting for the bus, eating lunch, before bed!

supplied by Harsha

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. Android 4.0.3-4 / v1.1.0 (1920x1080)
. download 65.8MB
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