Guitar Rock Tour
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. Added: 30.08.2009
. Downloads: 28891
. Vendor: Gameloft
. Description: With Guitar Rock Tour, play the guitar parts of rock hits known around the world very easily on your mobile phone...with no musical knowledge necessary! Push the keys on your phone corresponding to the coloured dots scrolling on the screen in rhythm. Get the notes right and you'll hear the sound of the guitar added to the rest of the instruments, giving you the exciting feeling of playing the guitar like a rock god! Jump-start your career as an international rock star by playing in front of adoring audiences in the most prestigious concert halls...but watch out for the wrong notes!

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Guitar Rock Tour (CZ/s60v2/N6600) (176x208)
. JAR 236.4kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (s40v2) (128x128)
. JAD | JAR 113.8kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (s40v2a) (128x160)
. JAD | JAR 435.8kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (s40v3) (208x208)
. JAD | JAR 278.5kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (s40v3a) (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 612.7kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (CZ/s60v2/N70) (176x208)
. JAR 275.2kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (s60v2/N6600) (176x208)
. JAR 235.6kB
. Guitar Rock Tour (s60v2/N70) (176x208)
. JAR 274.2kB
. Guitar Rock Tour 360x640 N97/N5800 (360x640)
. download 1.0MB
. Guitar Rock Tour 176x208 CZ/N3250 (176x208)
. download 235.8kB
. Guitar Rock Tour 352x416 N80 (352x416)
. download 506.2kB
. Guitar Rock Tour 240x320 N93 (240x320)
. download 614.3kB
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