Mortal Kombat Mobile 3D
[second screenshot]
. Added: 15.09.2009
. Downloads: 92014
. Vendor: Sakis25games Ltd.
. Description: Mortal Kombat Mobile 3D is a mod. I have made from Bruce Lee Iron Fist Tournament 3D. I have replaced all the textures and sounds of the game to make it look like Mortal Kobat. The characters has been replaced with Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and Scorpion.

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Nokia N73 / N95 (240x320)
. download 422.0kB
. Nokia 6280 / 6300 / 5300 (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 438.7kB
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