Mobile Sex Trainer
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. Added: 14.07.2008
. Downloads: 37968
. Vendor: X-PIGGY.COM
. Description: Paula Blond is Mobile Sex Trainer's sensual personal trainer. She will resolve all those doupts about sex that you never dared to ask. After a detailed and illustrated explination of sex concepts and curiosities, you will have to demonstrate all that you know in the four difficulty level tests. The hottest positions, the most powerful aphrodisiacs, the best selling erotic toys, false myths, the advantages of anal sex and many more. Mobile Sex Trainer will include all of sex's secrets, your pocket personal trainer. If you're not quite sure where the G point is or would like to try something different than the missionary position, don't hesitate, this is your chance to have these private doupts answered. Get your sex trainer and become a Sex Guru!

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. Mobile Sex Trainer 352x416 N80 (352x416)
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