Dirty Jack.TV: Sex Lift
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. Added: 27.07.2014
. Downloads: 44301
. Vendor: Witchcraft Studios
. Description: Have you ever thought of having sex whilst alone with a girl in a lift? 'Sex Lift' is yet another one of Dirty Jack's spicy adventures. There await you erotic experiences with sexy neighbours topped up with a good dose of juicy humour. Beware! 'Sex Lift' has many traps, but the sight of a sexy body in the nude and the satisfaction of a successful chat up will recompense every defeat. The game consists of two modes: interactive comic and the arcade mode. The former possesses an extended script with a high level of interaction. It's you who has to decide, what Jack has to say or do. Therefore, winning depends solely on you. If you want Jack to swing into 'action', then you must also include the erotic arcade mode. Check how much of Dirty Jack is in you!

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. Samsung SGH-E250i / A437 (128x160)
. JAD | JAR 97.8kB
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