Call of Duty 2
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. Added: 14.07.2008
. Downloads: 9224
. Vendor: Mforma Group
. Description: The second part of hit for PCs and consoles - Call of Duty, that appeared in 2004, aims to recreate a realistic picture of events of World War II, saturating the atmosphere with pain, fear and despair of those terrible years. You may walk along burning war roads of 1942-1945 and watch trouble spots of planet – Tunis, Stalingrad, Normandy with the eyes of a British infantryman, Russian sniper or American Ranger. All the territories are depicted with photographic accurateness, all kinds of weapons - are historically authentic.

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. Call of Duty 2 (s40v3a) (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 275.2kB
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