AMA: Dress to Impress
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. Added: 28.03.2009
. Downloads: 21754
. Vendor: AMA
. Description: AMA Dress to Impress is a fashion application that aims at helping girls develop, refresh or keep their sense of style in a fun and interactive manner. The application is made up of three entertaining fashion sections and two very cool mini-games. "HotQuiz" reveals your fashion style and tendencies. Demonstrate your fashion skills by answering 15 witty questions. "Glamour" lets you piece together freely any outfit, from shoes to bags any way you want. "Get Hot" challenges you to pick the most appropriate clothes, makeup, hairdo and accessories to wear in different locations like the College, the Mall, a Party and a Fancy Dinner. Once you've finished "Get Hot", you'll unlock two exciting mini-games: "Hot Shot", where you'll be shooting objects into their matching slots and try to hit fashion accessories for bonus points, and "Puzzle", that will have you moving the squares to their correct places in order to recreate the picture. Get in style with AMA Dress to Impress!

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. Dress to Impress 320x480 Xperia X8 (320x480)
. download 2.2MB
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