Artefact of Glory 3D
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. Added: 16.04.2012
. Downloads: 33545
. Vendor: THQ Wireless
. Description: John Richards,an adventurer and expert in antiquities, discovers a laboratory with a collection of ancient subjects in the mansion inherited by him from his uncle. Even more exciting find is waiting for him in the cellar of the lab - a time machine and a map specifying the location of the parts of an ancient powerful Artefact, to the search of which his uncle devoted all his life. The parts of the Artefact put together create Artefact of Glory. In search of this Artefact the hero bravely starts out a fascinating traveling in time and space.

The game's characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
. Artefact of Glory 3D (s40v3a) (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 445.2kB
. Artefact of Glory 3D 240x320 E1000 (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 443.4kB
. Artefact of Glory 3D 240x320 K800i/A320 (240x320)
. JAD | JAR 427.1kB
. Artefact of Glory 3D 240x320 N73/N95 (240x320)
. download 440.4kB
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