Asphalt 2: Urban GT
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. Added: 14.02.2009
. Downloads: 99353
. Vendor: Gameloft
. Description: Asphalt: Urban GT makes a thunderous return on your mobile phone! Discover a thrilling collection of dream cars straight from the most prestigious manufacturers now with powerful motorcycles too! Jazz up your race car any way you want and show your style on various racing circuits in the world’s most famous cities as your radio pumps Moby's hit "Lift Me Up." But don’t forget that you’re there for just one thing the race. The only way you’ll impress the gorgeous girls you’ll meet along the way (played by the lovely Pussycat Dolls) is by winning the top podium spots in the down and dirty crush of steel. Asphalt: Urban GTTM 2 forces the racing game genre up into the corner. Sheer action waits for you around each bend, so prepare your nerves and get ready to face the spectacular pile-ups that will heighten the excitement of each race... but only if you manage to withstand the pressure from the cops who will stop at nothing to chase you down with their cars and choppers!

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