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Jurit Malam - Lola Zieta by Gambir Game Studio - Harsha - 03-01-2019 04:42 PM

[Image: Prf4VpB.png]
[Image: mwl3tIF.png]
[Image: n59taJn.png]

This school building has been empty for a long time ... Many say that there is too much evil aura from this building. Reportedly there was a girl who had been killed in this school. No more people want to visit this school after more terror and horror stories are circulating.

The story of a haunted girl who wants revenge.

Rei, an Indigo child is increasingly curious what is happening with this place? Because he heard the sobs of a girl and the foul smell that his nose smelled. With determination to solve the mystery of what happened in the school.

Here Rei's adventure begins, he must face many obstacles, and disturbance of spirits in this place. Will he find the source of the cry? Or will he be trapped by the supernatural beings in it?

Play the jurit night game now. Get a variety of sexy Lola Zieta photo packs, exclusive only in the night jurit game.

Google Play: RS 25.00 Buy