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Invaders From Dimension X! by Lance Craner - Harsha - 02-01-2019 05:44 PM

[Image: PmQeKzk.png]
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Right out of thin air on the human colony planet of Brea 7, alien swarms emerged without warning. They captured and enslaved millions of its inhabitants in a matter of days. A bitter struggle has begun for the planet and a galaxy-wide state of emergency has been declared. Pray for our brave Galactic Marines as they attempt to save us from extinction. – Milky Way News Network Alert

Invaders from Dimension X! is a solitaire game that begins the story of the brutal war between the invading alien Kay’otz race and the only human force capable of defeating them – the “Old Reprobates” of the 124th Galactic Marine Raider Battalion. You control the various Marine squads, each with a specialized skill, as they fight their way through an alien enemy that is totally unpredictable. The Kay’otz come from another dimension of space and do not behave in a way humans can comprehend. Only with perseverance and skillful strategy – and yes, some good fortune – will you be able to eventually discover the plans and tactics of these mysterious beings.

Google Play: RS 850.00 Buy