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Temple Rush by Inlogic - Harsha - 11-14-2017 08:44 AM

[Image: 5d931681cec260c0a038ef7a07aa85e5.png]
[Image: 53afeca860a5453ee22bdc3047f06a3d.png]
[Image: 127c212ee5519941e87b9454a7bca8b4.png]
[Image: 747f2d320cd70e3d587b9c751068a8f2.png]
[Image: 50d3034d6a67218cc998eabc8c681396.png]
[Image: 4953707e27b03bf8269c996970f26124.png]

You shouldn't have stolen that artifact! Now you have to run for your life in an endless maze of temple ruins! Collect golden idols, ancient coins and power-ups. Master various obstacles, upgrade power-ups and fulfill objectives to grow your score multiplier. Try out different outfits with special abilities to get even further. How far can you get?

RLS Date: Coming Soon

RE: Temple Rush by Inlogic - Harsha - 12-10-2017 05:40 AM

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