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Pizza Cut by Kitmaker - Harsha - 01-27-2017 01:15 PM

[Image: 18777800bf5f0f3dcbac1cd8e690cfd6102c9a45.jpg][Image: 1877777915ef935c283390e4b305a9f852fb466a.jpg][Image: 187777806cb2f5ea3947594bdd27123022970031.jpg][Image: 18777778319429400bb7efa2b90ad6d854fbf18a.jpg]

Poker's Pizza is the fastest pizza place in town and as a cook you'll have to cut the ingredients as fast as you can if you want to deliver the orders. But pay close attention, there are forbidden ingredients you mustn't cut!

Purchased by harsha.
240x320 N6280

Cracked/free Opera
360x640 N5800
240x400 Asha 311

RE: Pizza Cut by Kitmaker - halfsoft - 01-31-2017 06:57 PM

Pretty old game, we created it around 2014 i believe. I wanted to make it real 3d game, but the 3d engine was not ready at this time...

RE: Pizza Cut by Kitmaker - Mizan - 04-14-2017 12:33 PM

nice game

RE: Pizza Cut by Kitmaker - Harsha - 04-16-2017 10:02 AM

Same like pizza ninja series!!!