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Heroes Reborn: Enigma by Imperative Entertainment - Harsha - 08-17-2015 01:37 PM

[Image: unnamed22d5.jpg]

Based on the relaunch of the hit TV franchise Heroes and featuring a storyline from creator and Executive Producer Tim Kring, Heroes Reborn: Enigma lets players experience what it's like to "Be The Hero", and introduces never-before-seen characters and environments to the Heroes universe. The two separate Heroes Reborn games -- Enigma and Gemini -- can be played and enjoyed separately but share key characters, story points and gameplay dynamics, creating a richer experience for those who play both games.
Heroes Reborn: Enigma expands on the television story arc of Heroes Reborn with first-person action-puzzle gameplay that follows Dahlia, an evolved human with incredible powers, as she attempts to escape captivity at a secret government facility called The Quarry.

Type: Android, iPhone
RLS Date: TBA 2015