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Xonix Assault by digi10soft - Vampire GraN - 08-14-2015 04:47 PM

Xonix Assault by digi10soft
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Xonix Assault is another best incarnation of the classic arcade style game Xonix. In this game you have to play as a brave soldier, of your army, who enters to the military area of enemies. Your mission is to destroy their artillery and limiting their movements by trapping them. You have to trap at least 80% of the area to complete the mission in limited time in each level. You will lose a life if you encounter with any of them or if they hit your trailing path or time gets up. There are power-ups like bonus life, shield protection and extra time to help you to complete your mission. Enjoy unlimited exciting levels with different shooting objects and bosses and defeat them with your tactical actions.

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