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Circus Rescue by Mobi2fun - Harsha - 06-20-2015 05:27 PM

[Image: 49176.png][Image: 49177.png][Image: 49178.png][Image: 49179.png]

The most entertaining circus of all time has now been captivated by Jackie, the magician. Help Alex to overcome the odds and save the animals, joker and most importantly his father, Paul, who has been running the circus for years. Chase Jackie’s gang and rescue Circus. Jackie has worked his evil mind and made the path more difficult by adding a lot of obstacles your way. Brace yourself to jump over spikes, slide under the transformers. Your friends, Britney and Wilson, will join and help you in the search depending on your performance. They will add a life, so be careful as one wrong move would cost you a friend or your own life. In this magic world, you will find a space jet. Collect these to cover a greater distance without any collisions. Jackie’s gangs are carrying animals in the trucks with the locked cages and hence you must collect keys to open the cages and rescue them. Joker, Girl and Paul are carried in the trucks and you have to rescue them by giving the cash that you have collected on your way! Hopes are high on you, go get the circus back.

Type: J2ME
RLS Date: OUT!