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Stormblades by Kiloo - Vampire GraN - 02-21-2015 11:06 PM

Stormblades by Kiloo
[Image: 5472562.png]
[Image: 5456178.png]
[Image: 5454130.png]
[Image: 5440818.png]
[Image: 5500213.png]

For centuries, young Warriors have sought the secrets of the ruins in a quest to prove their worth. Journey on a Warrior’s rite of passage and fight the legendary Keepers. Test your might in the ruins to upgrade your weapon and release its arcane powers.
Demonstrate true skill by dodging the Keepers’ attacks and spells while inflicting your own furious retribution. Land powerful counter-attacks and shatter your enemies’ armor to subdue them. Awaken the ruins’ ancient altars and empower your sword with Essence to take your place among the legends. Claim the Relics of your fallen foes as a token of your conquest.

* Free-flowing, fast-paced sword fighting action
* Upgrade your sword and infuse it with mystical powers
* Battle your way through a variety of unforgiving enemies
* Venture into the overgrown jungle and discover ruins that time forgot
* Compete with Warriors around the world for a chance at glory

Trailer: Youtube
Type: Android, iOS
RLS Date: March 2015

RE: Stormblades by Kiloo - Vampire GraN - 03-19-2015 04:08 PM

Game out:

RE: Stormblades by Kiloo - DON111 - 03-20-2015 04:52 AM

Playing this.Run&Slash game.Good graphics&no story.